About Us

Welcome to NET2MALLS Drop Ship Program. We like to consider ourselves as a "Boutique Drop Ship Site". Most dropship suppliers you find today seem to all offer the same products, all made in China and shipped from China or overseas.

While we are not a wholesaler, here you will find a large selection of fitness accessories, workout equipment, sporting goods, kickboxing gear and other great products that allows you to make 30-40% retail profit selling all these products directly from your website. Please note this is a drop ship website which sells to retail stores and website owners only. This site requires an account in order to make a purchase.

The key to your success will be our niche product selection and the fastest shipping department in any drop shipping company. You concentrate on building your business and we'll fill all of your orders quickly and accurately and drop ship them to your customers. 

All items are drop shipped from our warehouses in the US. Orders are processed in 1-3 days. Learn more about Net2Malls DropShip Program.