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PLACING ORDERS/When You Receive An Order

When you receive an order search for the product and place your order. We accept major Credit Cards and Paypal.

BE SURE to use your CUSTOMERS shipping address in the SHIP TO when ordering. When we receive an order, we will process it and ship to your customer. 

Your order will be processed and shipped to your customer. Once the order is shipped, a tracking number will be sent to you. You can pass this tracking information to your customer to increase customer satisfaction. Your customer will receive a packing slip with the product information only, (no prices).

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Please Note: You may NOT list any of our products on any auction site such as eBay, Amazon etc.

MAP Pricing Policies:
What is MAP?: MAP stands for Minimum Advertised Price. This is minimum selling price set by the manufacturer for a product. When an item has an MAP price it cannot be sold or offered to the public at any price below the specified MAP price. Any and all listings for those products must at all times be shown at the MAP price or higher.

Examples of MAP Violations:
Item has MAP price of $99.95

Your listing shows $94.95 plus shipping of $5.00 = $99.95 – This is a violation, the item cannot at any time be shown less than $99.95, even if the final price with shipping is correct.

Your listing shows $99.94 – This is a violation of the policy even though it is only one penny below.

You are permitted to offer free shipping on items with MAP. You may also offer a free gift with purchase provided that the free gift is not an item with MAP pricing. You are also permitted to sell any MAP item at any price above the MAP price, just never below.

Violations of the MAP policies will result in the suspension of your account until they are fixed. Repeated MAP violations may result in our manufacturers imposing additional restrictions up to and including a permanent ban on selling their products in the future.

If you have any questions let us know. Also be sure to look over our FAQ section.