Fitness Collection 4 DVD Set

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Tracie Long is a certified fitness instructor and co-founder of the V gym in Charleston, South Carolina. As a former instructor and former co-choreographer for The Firm, Tracie’s fitness videos have developed an enthusiastic following. By focusing on agility, core strength, endurance, strength and balance, the Tracie Long Training series pays off on the promise, “We train for the way you live.”

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Detailed description

1. Strength In Movement -

with Jen Carman Create lean muscle and improve energy levels with unique aerobic intervals. Lift and shape your lower body, especially those “hard to work” areas. Improve your strength with a total body workout.

2. Finding Your Core -

with Susan Harris Firm your abdominals and core. Improve your posture and balance with a variety of techniques. Tone your abs and create long lean muscles.

3. Better Burn ...Better Buns -

with Tracie Long Strengthen and shape your hips, thighs and buns with stabilization and strength exercises. Improve your cardiovascular stamina with medicine ball routines. Flatten your mid-section with the unique total core sequencing.

4. Endurance For Movement -

with Tracie Long Create long lean abs with core exercises that challenge your body in new ways. Slenderize your hips and thighs with kicking cardio routines. Strengthen stubborn muscle groups with targeted exercises.

Approximately 60 minutes each DVD

System Requirements:
DVD / DVD Rom Drives.
Required NTSC.
Formatted for all Regions.