Strength In Movement DVD w/ Jen Carman

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The team at Tracie Long Training is proud to bring you 4 new workouts based on the principles of functional fitness training. This includes core work, balance, agility and strength training with focus in all planes of motion. Tracie Long, Susan Harris and Jen Carman combined have over 30 years of experience making fitness videos and teaching a variety of fitness classes.

Detailed description
Improve balance and confidence in movement. Single leg exercises - a staple in the TLT workouts - give you the greatest strength benefits for your everyday movements. The medicine ball in this workout will take your cardio to new levels while ending the boredom of traditional, low impact moves. Small muscles are often overlooked in strength workouts. TLT focuses on the small “stabilizing” muscles of the body to improve posture and help you avoid injury.

Equipment Needed:
Light - Medium Weights ( 3-10 lbs. )
Medicine Ball ( 2-6 lbs. )

Approximately 60 minutes

System Requirements:
DVD / DVD Rom Drives.
Required NTSC.
Formatted for all Regions.